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About Us

We believe that you have to have a big vision and take very small steps to get there. You have to be humble as you execute but visionary and gigantic in terms of your aspiration. At Prateek Retail, we have squeezed the veritable essence out of this very thought and have endeavoured to create a venture that has huge aspirations and is ready to take measured steps to achieve them.

When we set out to create a channel to provide people with products that would revolutionize their way of living and yet be extremely friendly to the environment, we knew that we had a task on our hands. Yet, we strapped ourselves for the long haul and got down to business. We scoured the globe to find companies manufacturing such radical products that would bring a new dimension to contemporary living.

Products that complement the modern homemaker in style and durability, we have a veritable range that is growing by the day. We have taken it onto ourselves to bring to the Indian consumer the finest international products that promise the highest quality and yet are extremely affordable.

Founded by Mr. B. Vijayraj, a stalwart of the steel manufacturing industry with more than three and a half decades of rich experience, Prateek Retail is part of his legacy of offering people products that would enrich their lives and bring ease to everyday living.

Prateek Retail is part of the Prateek Group, a diversified business group with interests in stainless steel manufacturing, retail & wholesale of commodities, Information Technology and the perfume industry.

Management Profiles

Most world cultures can hardly stake claim to a family institution as robust as the Indian culture. Indian tradition gives the utmost importance to the concept of the joint family, where joys and sorrows are shared and every decision is taken with the advice of all family members. There are differences for sure, but the family stands proudly as one cohesive unit when threatened by external forces. The Indian family system believes in hierarchy and every member is aware of his or her role in the system and appreciates it with complete earnestness. This unified family system gave rise to the concept of the family business, where the elders of the family are all engaged in a common enterprise.

Since the family system is based solely on values, so is the family business value-based. The business has a patriarch who has the highest respect and whose advice is sought on all matters regarding the functioning of the business. The natural blood bonds are extended to the business and this translates into the organisational makeup of the business too. Young members are blooded into the business to check their responses and mental stability in tough situations. They are groomed to become future leaders. Critical business skills are imparted, not at the feet of the patriarch, but in real-life situations. Finally, their suggestions are given due importance and are weighed for what they are worth. When the patriarch feels that the younger members are ready to take the business forward on their own, they gradually move back to let the new leaders take charge. This process continues. This is the crux of the Indian family business.

Mr.B. Vijayaraj


Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Vijayraj is a true-blue Indian entrepreneur. A strong "never-say-die" attitude and the inherent Indian qualities of making things work in the face of immeasurable impediments is what drives this "young-at-heart-and-mind" veteran of 36 years in the field of manufacturing. An innovator at heart and highly passionate about designing products in stainless steel, Vijayraj is a living testament of sheer hard work and determined dedication. Having served the MEPZ Manufacturer’s Association as President, he has also been on the Regional Governing Council of EPCES as an active member. Never to shy away from a challenge worthy of his attention, Vijayraj is highly regarded as a thought leader and stalwart in the manufacturing industry. His vast experience and passion are like drawing magnets for young entrepreneurs who are ever so keen on deriving gems of insight and wisdom from him.

He has squeezed the essence of his veritable experience and expertise in the process of setting up the upcoming venture, Pradeep Stainless India Pvt. Ltd., of which he is a key promoter and stockholder. Vijayraj’s profound and insightful study of the manufacturing industry has helped him make wise and extremely informed decisions regarding his astute investments. An example of this is his investment in JB Enterprises, a premier manufacturer of perfumes, home fragrances and cosmetics. Vijayraj has always respected the growth of technology. He is a firm believer that technology drives the human civilization and its advancements have the ability to make human life safe, secure and easy. Not the one to scoff at technology as "not of our times," he actually has kept pace with the changing times and has truly identified Information Technology as the great solutions provider for businesses. To this end, he had the foresight and courage to start a new venture in the field of Information Technology services and software development in 2015.

Vijayraj is a philanthropist. Having seen the ugly side of reality and life, he believes that he was fortunate enough to have been blessed with the grit and tenacity which have long become the foundation stones for his astounding success. Yet he acknowledges that many elements in the society have been less fortunate and he does his part to give back to the society which has given him so much. He appreciates and acknowledges his societal obligations and believes in "giving back." Vijayraj also believes that a sustainable environment is of the utmost importance for a healthy human civilization. During his time at MEPZ, he restored a lake which had been in neglect for many years. He helped create a "Green Cover" at MEPZ. A stout advocate of hygiene and health, he oversaw the maintenance of the public toilet block at the bus terminus at MEPZ. He also helped construct toilet blocks for students of the Pallavaram Municipal School and shouldered the responsibility of its maintenance. Vijayraj moves with changing times. He is always open to new ideas and has an uncanny way of exploring those ideas and turning them into reality.

Mr Vishal Vijayaraj



Mr. Vishal inherits his illustrious father's entrepreneurial streak and perseverance. He is a commerce graduate and has charted out his vision to take the family business to greater heights. Vishal has a solid business experience of more than a decade behind him. His core competency is in Finance and IT and he has been working in the manufacturing field for 11 years. His level-headed disposition makes him an astute observer and decision maker. As the Director of Finance at Pradeep Stainless India Pvt. Ltd., he has the unenvious task of managing and mitigating the financial risks associated with the business, something that he does with elan and panache.

Vishal benefits largely from family values that encourage independent thinking and calculated risk taking. He has nurtured these within him and has made full use of them in order to steer the finances of his business during times of abundance as well as crisis. Vishal believes in the power of Time. He values it more than most things and endeavors to make time his best friend. He is a firm advocate of moving on with Time, which he feels is the true meaning of life itself. As far as his business mantra goes, he underlines the importance of understanding the basics to run a successful business.

Mr Pramod Vijayaraj



Mr. Pramod holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool, U.K. After completing graduation he wanted to venture into a new line of business activity, rather than continue with the traditional family-run business. Pramod is a maverick when it comes to pursuing new ideas and having the conviction to follow them to reality. His international sojourn has imparted him able marketing skills. With a creative bent of mind, he loves experimenting with new ideas and sees them till fruition.

His interests were piqued when he studied the home fragrance, perfumes and cosmetics market and found an opportunity in it. He is very much involved in the day-to-day affairs of the business which ensure its smooth functioning. Pramod is blessed with an equitable mindset which helps him take decisions after thorough calculations and insight. With the legendary family entrepreneurial dash firmly entrenched within his psyche, he loves exploring new and exciting ideas.


To offer products, exceptional in design and quality, which will usher in a new dimension in contemporary Indian living.


  • To source the best home products from around the world and make them available to the majority of Indian families.
  • To be an environmentally-responsive company and only offer products that are environment-friendly.
  • To create an ethics-driven business our customers and stakeholders can be proud of.

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