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Leading the way in Water Filter Technology

Aqua Optima is a unique water filtration system developed by Strix Ltd, a pioneering appliance technology company based on the Isle of Man.

With a 50-year history of innovation, Strix developed the world’s first fully integrated automatic kettle switch in 1981. In 1986 they invented a new control that gave birth to the world’s first cordless kettle. In 1996, they launched the first 360° degree cordless connector.

These innovations have set the international standard in domestic kettles and Strix’s technology is used over one billion times every day, all over the world.

Whilst remaining committed to improving water appliance technology, in 2000 Strix began to focus on improving and purifying tap water itself.

Strix’s engineers and scientists set about designing a water filter system that removed impurities, improved the overall look and taste of tap water and reduced sediments that caused limescale build up in kettles.

To meet consumer needs they also wanted to ensure it was fast and performed consistently throughout the filter cartridge’s lifetime. The result of this is the Aqua Optima water filtration system.

Aqua Optima follows in Strix’s long tradition of delivering bespoke technical solutions to solve problems with water appliances and water delivery.

How Does Aqua Optima Works

Fine Particle Filter: This removes larger particles including sediment and rust,providing cleaner,clearer water.

Activated Carbon: The activated carbon comes from coconuts and is refined to our own exacting specifications.It is used to absorb chlorine, which has a very distinctive taste and smell. Chlorine is often added to water as a disinfectant. Filtering water reduced chlorine up to 80%.
The activated carbon is also used to filter out organic impurities from water such as humic acids (decomposed organic products such as leaf rot), herbicides and pesticides. As these may be odorless and tasteless, we are not even aware that we are drinking them.

Special Ion Exchange Resin: This formulation is unique to Aqua Optima and reduces the amount of trace metals such as lead, copper and aluminium often found in water. Lead and copper can be found in domestic water pipes and the gradual build-up in our bodies is detrimental to our long-term health.
This ion exchange resin also reduces calcium carbonate by up to 70%. Calcium carbonate is responsible for the build-up of limescale in our kettles. By using filtered water, limescale build-up is reduced- thus helping prolong the life of our kettles.
The ion exchange resin is responsible for removing the oily film that is so unattractive on our hot drinks or on our steamed vegetables, resulting in brighter, cleaner looking food and drink.

Ultra Fine Mesh This final step of filtration ensures even the smallest particles don't get through. The mesh is amongst the finest on the market resulting in clearer, brighter water.

Engineered Fast Flow Technology The unique shape and structure of Aqua optima means a consistent fast flow rate is maintained throughout the filter's life. When it's used in a kettle, this feature allows water to be filtered and boiled at the same time.

How Do I Use It?

Aqua Optima water filters can be fitted in seconds.

clean water filter

First of all, remove the filter from the packaging

clean water filter

Plunge the filter into a bowl of cold water to remove any trapped air or particles

clean water filter

Take the filter out and insert it into the filter holder on the bottom of the water tank inside the appliance

Then, simply twist the filter clockwise to secure it

Ensure the filter tabs are in the right place and not stuck at an angle

clean water filter

Insert the water tank back into the appliance and fill with water. Once the water has filtered through, pour it away and repeat the process a second time

clean water filter

Your Aqua Optima water filter is now ready to use

Care And Maintenance

As with any foodstuff, filtered water can go off if left untouched for a period of time. At Aqua Optima we recommend you drink your filtered water within 2 days. After this time, just pour it away and fill up with fresh water.

Ideally, you should store your water filters out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

To ensure that your filter functions optimally, it is essential to keep your appliance clean:

To keep your appliance clean, wash the water tank, filter holder and lid on a regular basis – as a minimum, this should be every time you change the filter.

The Aqua Optima water filter will help reduce the limescale and phosphate scale in your kettle, but you should still check your kettle frequently for signs of build up, even in soft water areas.

Aqua Optima have put together everything you need to know about your water filter.

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